Special Requests

We're so sorry- we are currently not accepting custom orders at this time.
Thank you so much for your patience. We will announce when we will be reaccepting special requests but at this time, feel free to look through the Garage and hopefully you'll find a design that you love that's currently available for purchase!

Please note that there will be a $400 minimum to customize your shoes. Final price will depend on the complexity of the design. This price does not include the cost of the shoe. I can provide the shoe if you’d like but they will be purchased at retail cost. There won’t be a discount for me purchasing the shoe or you providing the shoe. Final price will be determined after sending in your inquiry and I will respond with an invoice that will be sent to your email that’s provided.

When I am accepting custom requests, you will see an option to send in an inquiry. 


Looking forward to working with you and creating the dopest shoes for you! Thanks so much for the support, patience, and understanding. 


-Sneaker Mechanic