The Mechanic

Ben Johnson, owner of "Sneaker Mechanic", is a master customizer. He grew an intense passion for shoes at a very young age. From collecting hundreds of shoes, to eventually customizing his own so that he could stand out from the crowd. After the passing of his best friend, Ben realized that life was short and started to pursue his dreams of running his own shoe business and giving unique footwear to the world. Every custom is an expression of his passion for art and each shoe is his canvas. Anytime someone wears a Sneaker Mechanic custom, note that you will be wearing a “one of one”, handcrafted, piece of artwork that should be handled with care.

The shoes we provide are delicately hand painted with professional leather paint and both scratch proof and water resistant but again, please, handle with care.

All glory to God. 


Disclaimer* All shoes are customized. Sneaker Mechanic does not claim to sell authentic brands.